Astana International Airport

Astana International Airport

Client: HOK International
Location: Astana, Kazachstan
Date: 2013

Airport Master Plan & Terminal Development

Conceptual design for master plan and terminal complex for Astana International Airport. The existing airport with a design capacity of approximately 3 mppa suffers from undersized processing capabilities – particularly at check-in, security screening, baggage reclaim and airside lounge space. The projected growth in passenger numbers and the expected peak demand during the 2017 Expo have triggered this expansion programme. At this stage the scope included conceptual ideas how to solve the short term issue through terminal expansion and/or a new terminal providing 3-4 mppa additional capacity. Secondly, the short term solution has to fit into a longer term “vision” for the airport.


Development of conceptual master plan ideas
Development of master plan layout options and assessment against design criteria
Development of terminal expansion options and assessment against design criteria
Planning of phased development


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