Airport Simulation – A golden key for Aviation

Airport simulation is an easier way of analysing complex situations at an Airport.
The possibility of real-time simulations comprising terminal and airside processes can help you speed up decision making, so that conceptual as well as operational planning can be optimised. It is more reliable, efficient and dynamic than analytical calculations. Another benefit is the reduction of costs for investments.

Simulation is a structured process, where the objective of task, required level of detail, type of analysis and most importantly input data needs to be finalised before starting the simulation modelling. The fundamental approach for starting a simulation project comprises of model structure, model configuration and initialisation, simulation and analysis.

At IADC, we are using CAST as the simulation software. CAST is the leading simulation tool in the Aviation sector for analysing terminal processes, airside traffic and vehicular movement at airports. CAST simulation enables planning, decision support, capacity analysis, design, and optimisation of terminal infrastructure.

Our services include

  • Analysis of various terminal layouts and operational strategies
  • Identification of capacity potentials
  • Post-Covid analysis of terminal processors
  • Capacity analysis (as per IATA norms)
  • Optimisation of terminal infrastructure
  • Decision support in designing new terminals

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The picture above is an example of a heat map showing the congested areas in particular colours in your Airport.

This very simple and short video attached below shall give you a little idea of how real-time implementation in your Airport would look like.

We are keen on making your Airport more efficient in front of your eyes.

Thursday, 12.11.2020