Feasibility study and terminal re-development of existing Terminal 2.


Feasibility study incorporating the terminal re-development of the existing Terminal 2 improving the integration into the airport system at Frankfurt Airport.

The project included the capacity analysis and functional terminal planning to meet Lufthansa requirements of improved hub operations within multiple terminals at Frankfurt Airport. The project also included the development and assessment of various options, the analysis of the existing APM system between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, as well as the integration of the new APM system between High Speed Railway Station, Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3.


  • Development of terminal layout options and assessment against design agreed criteria
  • Assessment of the APM system between Terminal 1 and 2 and integration of future landside APM system
  • Planning of phased terminal development
  • Detailed development of preferred terminal layouts
  • Coordination of stakeholders including terminal operations, retail, baggage handling, etc.
  • Assessment of retail and terminal layout options in Virtual Reality (VR)

Facts & Figures

ClientFraport AG
LocationFrankfurt, Germany
Date2016, since 2018
Sizeapprox. 150.000 m²
T2 Retail EXTERIOR_2019-09-29_01