We see the master planning process as a highly interactive design process between various stakeholders defining the key objectives for the development of terminal, airside and landside access of the airport. We provide full services, including the integration of all stakeholder requirements into a programme of requirements, the capacity analysis of existing and future facilities and developing and accessing multiple airport development scenarios.

The “master plan” or “airport development plan” serves as a guide to future airside, terminal and landside developments over the next 25+ years but integrates existing facilities and buildings.
A master plan is not a commitment to any specific construction project, but rather, an approach to addressing anticipated future requirements. It´s phased implementation should provide the necessary capacity at the right time and at the lowest capital investment.
The master plan will require periodic update and the need for future improvements will be re-evaluated as conditions change.
The master plan should be the central tool to the future developments for airport management, passengers, airlines and all other users.

Our Services:

  • Capacity Analysis
  • Programme of Requirements / Design Brief
  • Passenger Flow Analysis
  • Aircraft Manoeuvring and Parking Analysis
  • Existing Facilities Survey (Capacity and Condition)
  • Site & Context Analysis (Constraints)
  • Stakeholder Coordination
  • Benchmarking
  • Strategic Airport Development Plan
  • Phasing

Your Benefits:

  • Holistic approach to the development of your airport infrastructure providing the right capacities at the right time and avoiding potential bottlenecks
  • Central tool for airport management driving business planning and financing strategies
  • Life-cycle cost savings through detailed programming and demand-driven infrastructure provision
  • Attracting stakeholder, shareholders and potential investors with a transparent airport development plan