One of the key issues which sits behind most development projects is a clear business strategy and a defined business outcome. This relies on a clearly defined project brief supporting the business case. Our airport experts provide experienced technical support to develop a realistic and appropriate project brief, meeting the key business strategies needed to deliver the business objectives.

We can provide the key technical information and CAPEX/OPEX assessments for the life of the concession or agreed operating horizon to enable developers of new infrastructure, or buyers of existing assets to accurately assess the investment on a risk/reward basis.

We can also provide high-level option airport development plans, detailed master plans and phased investment profiles for airfield capacity expansion, passenger terminal development and airport facility expansion.

Our Services:

  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Concession Agreement Review
  • Asset Condition Review & Inventory
  • Traffic Forecast Review
  • Review of current master plan, capacity provision, alignment with traffic forecast
  • Review CAPEX allowances in business plan
  • Analysis of recent and current capital expenditure, impact on operations and capacity; alignment with traffic demand
  • Airport Development Plan inc. Capacity Assessment
  • Passenger Simulation

Your Benefits:

  • Fast-Track Data Collection & Review & Analysis
  • We carefully analyse and optimise the functions before providing the best development plan for your Business Strategy
  • Intimate understanding of the Due Diligence Process for Acquisition, Lenders & Vendors